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From Winterizing to Waterproofing: 5 Ways to Weatherproof Your Outdoor Space


When it comes down to investing in your outdoor space, you want to make sure your hard work and appliances not go to waste. Whether you live in a steadier climate or experience all four seasons throughout the year, taking the necessary steps to weatherproof your outdoor space, appliances and accessories is essential. Here are five easy ways to make sure your outdoor space is ready to weather any storm.


Invest in Weatherproof Furniture

Do you want a weather-proof space? Buy weather-proof products. Sounds simple right? The easiest way to weatherproof your outdoor space is to invest into furniture that is specifically designed to withstand the elements mother nature sends out. This includes using pieces made from wicker, teak, metal, or plastic. Not only are these materials durable and long-lasting, but they can also add to the aesthetic of your space. If you already have outdoor furniture that is not weatherproof, you can use sealants and weatherproofing sprays such as Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield to protect your furniture.



Install an Outdoor Canopy or Awning

Another great way to weatherproof your outdoor space is to install a canopy or awning. Not only does it provide users with a comfortable spot to cool off on those hot days, but they also help shield your outdoor area during harsh weather conditions. It also opens the opportunity to create a more open space for gatherings and parties. With having a canopy, you can create a welcoming open space for parties and get togethers. They are also very versatile and comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Having a canopy can also cover your appliances during use and when they are not in use. Although we recommend that you cover your grill with a tarp when not in use, a canopy or awning can help offer additional protection from the external elements.



Add Shelters and Shade Structures

On the topic of the different types of shelters, adding an arbor, trellis or pergola can help create a space where.


If you are looking for a more creative way to weatherproof your outdoor space, consider adding an arbor, trellis, or pergola. These structures provide additional shade, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space even during the hottest days.


Use Outdoor Rugs and Cushions

They don’t just add on to the pretty aesthetic of your space but, outdoor rugs and cushions are a great way to add style and protection to your outdoor space. With having them you can get protection from shallow waters and UV rays coming from the sun while also adding a touch of beauty to the space.



Invest in Weatherproof Lighting

With weather-proof lighting, it can help ensure that you can enjoy your outdoor space for all 24 hours of the day. They can also help in the event of having to do maintenance during those cloudy days and dark hours, making it easy to find any loose parts. 


Bonus!: Take care of your appliances!

Finally, just like the beginning, it is simple! By taking an interest in your investment to protect your appliances you are prolonging the life of your outdoor products. Doing things like sealing your countertops, covering your grill with a tarp or canvas when it is not in use, cleaning your grill regularly, and clearing any debris in the area can help with the upkeep of your outdoor space. We’ve also made a blog post on the basic grill maintenance.


At Coyote, we understand the importance of taking care of your outdoor space, which is why we carry an assortment of weatherproofing products to help protect your investments. From grills and smokers to outdoor kitchen accessories and more, check out our full selection of weatherproofing solutions for your outdoor space.

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