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Denali Nicholas


A graphic designer, photographer, and social media marketer who wants to elevate your visual storytelling journey.


Previous Work

Albright College - Social Media, Graphic Design, Photography, Sports Information

After La Roche, I started in Pennsylvania working for another college.  At the home of the Lions, I worked as the Assistant Sports Information Director. It was about the same as my internship, but it had more sports to handle. Speaking on handling, I also handled the athletic department's main Instagram and X (Twitter) pages.

What Sparks Your Fire- Video

During my time as an intern at Sparq, I expressed interest in working with the creative team. To demonstrate my skills and approach, I presented them with "A Taste of Home" and shared an explanation of my creative process. Following this, the team requested me to make some edits for their clients. This experience gave me the opportunity to showcase my abilities and to continue to contribute to the team's efforts.

A Taste of Home - Video

Being far from home you tend to cling to the little things. I've been craving some seasoned rice for a while and through coincidence, my friend Liza knew how to make it! Throughout we talk about adjusting to new places and how food can bring people together.​

La Roche University Men's Soccer - Social Media, Graphic Design, Photography 

During and after my internship, I gained the trust of the athletic program and was able to manage the Instagram page for the university's soccer team. I was able to look into statistics, learn more about the players which made it easy to create content around them. From this stint I was able to obtain around 230 active followers within that 2021-2022 season.

La Roche University Athletics Internship-
Graphic Design, Social Media Management

In 2018, I had a persistent curiosity about the people responsible for managing the social media accounts of my university's athletic teams. Two years later, I was given the chance to develop my abilities in graphic design, social media marketing, and sports marketing in general.